Actor / Voice Actor / Producer

Jake Cuddemi

Union Status: SAG - E

Height: 6'0"

Hair Color: Brown

Eyes Color: Brown

Age Range: 18-24

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Who am I?

I’m like a 6’ teddy bear: I want to be your friend; I’m a great listener; and I’m dependable. I’m your go-to after a break-up, even if I was the one who just broke up with you (but I’d love to still be friends). I have a big heart. I’m protective and loyal like an older brother, but I’ve got the energy and playfulness of a little brother.  I’m excited to share my energy and excitement about the future with anyone who can handle my belly laugh.

How'd I get here?

  • On-going scene study with Chris Caldovino at the Robert D'Avanzo Acting Studio

  • On-going cold-read and scene study with Ani Avetyan

  • Get in Gear for the Next Tier - on-going business and mindset work with Bonnie Gillespie 

  • Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Performance with Noah Racey and Walt Jones


2022 Celebrations


Booked and recorded the roles of Anthony LaRusso, Big Red, and Skeleton Male in the upcoming video game Cobra Kai: Dojos Rising - April 2022

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