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Actor / Voice Actor / Producer

Jake Cuddemi

Union Status: SAG - E

Height: 6'0"

Hair Color: Brown

Eyes Color: Brown

Age Range: 18-24

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Who am I?

I’m like a 6’ teddy bear: I want to be your friend; I’m a great listener; and I’m dependable. I’m your go-to after a break-up, even if I was the one who just broke up with you (but I’d love to still be friends). I have a big heart. I’m protective and loyal like an older brother, but I’ve got the energy and playfulness of a little brother.  I’m excited to share my energy and excitement about the future with anyone who can handle my belly laugh.

How'd I get here?

  • On-going scene study with Chris Caldovino at the Robert D'Avanzo Acting Studio

  • On-going cold-read and scene study with Ani Avetyan

  • Get in Gear for the Next Tier - on-going business and mindset work with Bonnie Gillespie 

  • Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Performance with Noah Racey and Walt Jones


2022 Celebrations

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Acting Reel

2022 Updates

Acting Clips

Comedy Clips

EMT - Shaken and Fresh Faced First Responder

Monologue from The Job, by Holly Elaine

Drama Clips

Small-Town Deputy Sheriff Clips

Rom-Com Clips

Boy Next Door - Kind and Assertive

Monologue from Vermont, by Holly Elaine

Voice Over Demos

Cello-ish (SKETCH)

Voice Over