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Actor, Producer, Writer


I’m a 6’ teddy bear. I want to be your friend. I’m a great listener. I’m dependable. I’m your go-to after a break-up, even if I was the one who just broke up with you (but I’d love to still be friends). I have a big heart. I’m protective and loyal like an older brother, but I’ve got the energy and playfulness of a little brother.  I’m excited to share my energy and excitement about the future with anyone who can handle my belly laugh.


I was born and raised in Fort Collins, CO. My dad, Joe, is a career-long educator (teacher-turned-counselor-turned-principal-turned-consultant) and my mom, Donna, is a voice-actor. She's the reason I entered the industry at the ripe age of 6.

I earned my degree in Theatre (Performance) at Colorado State University, where I met my now-fiancee, Madi (see background for cute pic). We've been in LA since 2021.

When I'm not acting, writing, and producing, I'm working with kids at my church. I love working with kids, and I love showing kids that church can be fun, positive, and enriching (but a real emphasis on fun). 

For fun, I'm on the pickleball courts and basketball courts as often as I can be, and I'm an avid AMC A-Lister. The one thing that every job and past-time has in common--PEOPLE. I love people, and fostering meaningful connections, the most. I think it's what I was created to do.


  • On-Camera Audition Training with Robert D'Avanzo

  • On-going audition-prep and scene study with Ani Avetyan and Connections Studio

  • Scene study with Chris Caldovino at the Robert D'Avanzo Acting Studio

  • Get in Gear for the Next Tier: on-going business and mindset work with Bonnie Gillespie 

  • Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Performance with Noah Racey and Walt Jones



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